Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Getting an Illustration or Logo Kindle Comic Creator Test eBook

Free Getting an Illustration or Logo eBook
This is  test colour comic for the Kindle (or App), produced in the free Kindle Comic Creator and is downloadable free here. 

It works in the Kindle App on any computer, tablet or Smartphone you have or even a Kindle itself. Looks fine in an eInk Kindle too.

It was done using the default 800 x 1280 pixel page sizes.  The text is the size it is to make it usable on an iPhone sized screen without any zooming or scrolling, even though double tapping the screen allows zooming and panning.

It is purely for evaluating Comic Creator and really isn't a comic as such, but uses some of those conventions to explain how we work to do logos or illustrations...
Comic Creator imports pages and lets you define panels, areas that get zoomed to full screen using the next page key in Kindle. In this case there is one panel around each page.

The pages themselves were put together in CorelDraw and then jpegs output and those processed in Photoshop.

We do a lot of Custom Car, Truck and Bike Cartoons and Caricatures, but lots of other stuff as well!!!!

Another very common Digital Comic Book Format is CBR. This just contains numerically numbered jpeg images in an RAR archive that has been renamed .cbr. How simple is that!

And here is a link for the FREE CBR format Digital Comic Book for Getting a Logo or Illustration.

We have used the YACReader and have just found the Android Perfect Viewer for reading the .cbr (and .cbz) formatted files.

For more of our work check out the Art & Technology website.

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