Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Simple Minded and Naive: Instrumental

Simple Minded and Naive. An instrumental from yesterday. 

Based around a 4 bar octave bass riff synth part. I have made this same track 100s of times. The fingers just naturally hit these notes doing this.  It is adlibbed and very simple minded. Just a fun happy, bouncy thing for most of it. Synth parts are "mostly" just the black notes, and mostly just octaves in all the synth parts.

And the the guitar section briefly takes it else where.

Been listening to the 17 minute Porcupine Tree: Anesthetize track a lot in the last few days. It is kind of like 5 different songs strung together with some particularly interesting heavy guitar in odd rhythms in part of it.  

My track here isn't like that, but in one sense was inspired by that. Will see how other tracks of mine develop. 

The thing about this is that it is a recording, made in my DAW. It isn't a performance, even if I adlib to the part I just recorded. My interest is in making recordings. In a studio. 

Addition: 2023/9/27.  Yesterday a friend was saying how he is using Chordpulse to come up with chord progressions in his song writing.  He is starting with the lyrics and working backwards from there, from my point of view.
Many years ago I used JAMMER on DOS with a Roland D-110 multi-timbral sound module. I never did anything with it though. They have all the styles, intro, verse, chorus, ending things, but all based on classic hits in those styles.  I found it just did too much, and was really for people doing covers.  Lots of people want to play covers.  Educational, but not my thing.

I have a small KORG microKEY keyboard on my desk at all times, and that is how I come up with chord progressions, if I aren't mucking around on the guitar.  I am not going to come up with big fancy chords a Jazz musician would though.  That is okay, your style partly comes from your own limitations.  I can look up any chord I don't know if that becomes important.  It hasn't.
I see Chordpulse is very affordable. Has a 14day free trial too.  Have to say I don't want it though. 

I see there are related free chord generating JS plugins already provided in my Reaper DAW too.  They do an equivalent thing, but really don't want them either. Better off just learning a few more complicated chords the old fashioned way.  
Being able to play things to improvise in real-time is really important to the way I make my music. But if I run out of inspiration and skill, something to maybe revisit.

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