Friday, September 15, 2023

Mail Delivery In The Rain: Ambient Music Soundscape

Mail Delivery In The Rain: Ambient Music Soundscape. Based on a 5 minute Zoom H1 recording of the rain from an open window in our house. Half way thru the mail man delivers our mail on his motor bike.

Too much like a couple of previous things, but, hey, that is what AIR SUPPLY & AC/DC did so it is what it is. It also came together so quickly, as it used the previous ambient projects template project. Would like to take the melody else where though, and may revise this later. Have NOT put this on our Bandcamp as yet.

The sound of the rain is so relaxing. The lazy synths and the slow bass pulse help that to me.

I didn't think I would do another of these recorded ambient pieces, but it rained for a couple of days this week, and remembered I had wanted to get a good recording of that one afternoon. So instead of the postman ruining the recording, it actually is a feature.

Probably the next stuff will have Metal power chords again, Maybe inspired by the Porcupine Tree albums been listening to the last weeks. We will see.

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