Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Parked Starships In The Rain: Ambient Soundscape Music


30 minutes of Ambient Soundscape Music, that has synths, sound effects, and metal guitar as a YouTube video. 

Shows a still image of Starships in a landscape, and it is raining. Visually nothing happens for the 30minutes of the video, the music does.

This is a very extended variation of the themes we have put in our Spirograph Album.  The Reaper Project looks like this:

Being 30 minutes, rather than 3 minutes needs a change of perspective on "something new should happen now" in the music. This is the first time I have done this, so I am not a seasoned professional of long Ambient music tracks.  Or is that Soundscape? Unlike the Tangerine Dreams Zeit album, where absolutely nothing happens,  this has little melodic fragments that keep coming back. So maybe I should say it is Melodic Ambient rather than just Ambient. Is that a thing? or did I just invent that? Closer to music than just a changing background soundscape.

The starships on the landscape was something I modelled and rendered in Animation Master in the 1990. I did this HD image when I rebuilt this PC a year ago.  I used MOHO Pro 12 Animation system to render out 8000 frames of the still adding a particle system rain.

Three of the 10 minute raining starship clips, the music, and Megacurve logo and text were put together in Movie Studio and rendered as the 29minute 59 second movie that I uploaded to YouTube.

Will anyone see it? A couple of friends will.

Have put the sound track in our Spirograph album on Bandcamp, but had to break it up into NotZeitish - Part A and NotZeitish - Part B as there is a filesize limit per individual file, and a single 30minute file is over that.  

What is NotZeitishZeit, is German for time, and the name of one of the first Ambient albums. An album where absolutely nothing happens. Huge held chords, electronic noises and soundscape. No melodies to mention.  An album that changes the ambience of a room you play it in, but you don't actually listen to it, but rather a background sound. So Not Zeit-ish, is that these things, even if large parts are soundscapes, they do have melody fragments and some things do happen sometimes, even heavy metal guitar power chord riffs and lead licks.

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