Friday, December 10, 2021

DREAM: Music Video Animated in Moho Pro 12


First attempt at animating a 3 minute video using a puppet we made from our comic character of me and our original track, DREAM.

This is the whole one man band, home recording experience.  Many of the comics I do are "Slice of Life", and this is too.  I actually recorded the Dream track several years ago now.

1 of the 8 pages of the comic on recording my music, for example:

The comics I do are done in CorelDraw and I made the character with extra hands, mouths, eye positions and body components on separate layers. I saved the character as an illustrator fil

In illustrator I output it as a multilayer Photoshop file. That way all the components are on separate layers, but still form a complete character. 

What some of those parts look like if you separate them out

That Photoshop file is brought into Moho and a skeleton and switch layers used to select 1 of n options for eyes, browse, mouth and hands.  I haven't used the Moho drawing tools yet, and don't know if I will.

Moho Pro 12 is such a huge improvement over Anime Studio Pro 5 I used previously. 

I made a few video segments between 74 and 300 frames at 24fps to assemble the video from. The lip synced videos had 11khz 8 bit audio of just the vocal in them to help align with the mastered music track, then muted once in the correct place. 

All assembled with lyrics and title added in Movie Studio. 

A more typical way to do a music video is to put the 4 different players in each corner of the screen, but that would need 4 times the amount of animated segments to work with, so I used the one shot at a time approach. Cutting on beats between clip variations makes it a bit more interesting, as the studio experience is very static. 

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