Saturday, December 23, 2017

Our Comic is now online..

As I wrote about in a previous blog, doing a short comic was one of those things we have wanted to do for a long time.

And this is a short "Movie" Trailer for it.

One of the other things about it is that we had to FINISH it once we started, and we have.  Or at least finished enough to be stand alone but allow things to be continued and expanded.

We set a goal of 16 A5 pages and we have done that in under 18 weeks, as something we did on the weekends. 

Like all projects I've ever been involved with, at the end, all I ever see is the bits that can be improved, and this is no exception.  But generally I think it has been a success.

Here is the About Section explains how and why, that links to the comic itself.

I have learnt a few new things, including that Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex is better for painting than Photoshop is, and MUCH more affordable, even if it cannot replace it.  I could have used that A story thread, B story thread, C story thread approach, but didn't.  I found keeping a small A5 notebook with me very valuable for jotting down ideas, news items, concepts and solutions. I have 52 pages of notes and sketches for this in it. And the next one will use different fonts I have bought from Blambot as they take up less effective panel space.  A few other things too... but enough for now.

If I want to print it on paper, I need a 5mm bleed, and keep things in the safe area and that isn't consistent in the current layouts. Nothing spending an hour in the CorelDraw file wouldn't fix though. I have made .cbr and a Kindle version too, and may or may not release these later.

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