Friday, April 1, 2016

Project Studio Condenser Microphone Dust Cover

We have an Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone, mounted in a Samson SP01 Shock Mount, on a Rode Desktop or standing mic stand, and the Traditional bent wire and nylon stocking pop filter.

But it is all a bit too much trouble to remove and replace the microphone for storage, so we leave it set up, so needed a dust cover.

We purchased some time a go a small piece of some black springy material to repair headphone ear pads and had a rectangular piece left over to make this microphone cover.
Haven't sewn much, but can pin and hand sew a  hem (so the material doesn't unravel at the edges), hand sew along the two side edges (using pins to keep the material in the right place and give you a line to sew next to) then turn the result inside out to get a very usable custom fitted soft cover.

We actually have a SE pop filter, but this stocking version just works so much better.....

The Samson SP01 is THE shock mount to put an AT2020 in. The wire pop filter is bent to fit to the external fixed shock mount frame, and held in place with 3 cable ties.

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