Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Studio Technology - The Auratone Clone.

The plans for this can be downloaded from Boutique Guitar Pedals, Effects and Project Studio .

A 3 minute music video slide show of the images and test results. The VISTON driver is great for making an Auratone clone.

Measuring real world response
Not a lot of gear that can be home constructed now, but an Auratone is one of them.  Simple hand tools is all you need. And you only need one of these speakers.  Our monitor controller has a Mono/Stereo Switch and we also have made our own speaker selector switch box to make using this with 4 sets of speakers and a set of headphones simple.  Our project studio uses a Hi-Fi stereo amplifier  and all our speakers are passive, as they used to be in all studios.

More details at Art & Technology.

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