Sunday, January 27, 2013

NAMM 2013 Impact - Korg MS-20 mini and Analog Revival?

Korg MS-20 Mini + Original

NAMM 2013 has closed, the orders for product have been taken and so now all the manufacturers will be reviewing what they found and be planning their next moves.

From where I sit, the KORG MS-20 mini was the show hit.  It is the thing I would like. Analog, patchable mono synth, with a MIDI in at a reasonable price of $599. An original MS-20 goes for around $2000 at the moment.

The Moog Sub PHATTY also had an impact at a higher price with that MOOG sound. Amazing how Moog has rebounded. Will anyone who actually wants a Moog next year actually be actually able to buy one?

Apparently the Arturia MiniBrute would have sold a lot more if they could actually get them into the hands of the people that ordered them. So manufacture and distribution is not easy for new players.  And you cannot actually buy a  Arturia MiniBrute online from the Arturia website. BIG mistake guys, don't you realize the brick and mortar stores are closing!

I expect staff of Roland and Yamaha will being buying both of these for themselves.

The DSI Prophet 12, while not being all analog, may get some interest too.  The Prophet 12 didn't really do anything for me though. Doesn't do anything a Jupiter-80 cannot do...  or all the VSTs we have already.

So what will Roland, Yamaha and the rest be planning ?

Now I was in Roland and know what was discussed when the TB-303 became a big part of the new dance music of the time. Acid House and the Detroit Sound. There had been lots of talk by people outside the company to do just an analog TB303. At that time Roland believed the MC-303 was the answer, but it took a really long time to have the confidence to do it.

Now they will all be seriously considering bringing back something from their analog traditions.  For Roland, would that be a TB-303, TR-808, System 100, System 100M, SH-2, SH-5, SH-101 or something else? It would have to be something that currently has a high price second hand and is still in demand.

Roland System 100
I'm sure there will be much discussion in all these companies. I know the management of Roland didn't believe in going back to anything analog, but many of them have since retired.

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