Saturday, January 12, 2013

Car Rendering in CorelDraw.....

Early Stages of Rendering
This is some images from the work in progress of our 1959 Chevy Cartoon. We work with multiple layers and have developed a system of naming and placement over the years.
Such as a layers called "Body outline", "Body Color", "Highlites" and "Body colors".  The last is where we do the little areas with different color graduations to produce all the reflections.

We limit ourselves to simple graduations from one color to another.

There is a time during rendering when your adding small objects, changing the graduations and order, when magic happens, and the image starts to look the way you want.  We use reference photos, but get more dramatic images by not doing exactly as the photos are, most of the time.  As we are doing cartoons, we usually do chrome in a way that just looks more appropriate.

Rendering and Wireframe
This is another view with the wire frame and some of the rendered image from the final design, minus the speech bubble and joke. This is put together in Photoshop.

More details at our website: Art & Technology.

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