Saturday, October 20, 2012

Topfuel Roo Dragster Cartoon Vector Design

Here is a Topfuel Roo Dragster Cartoon Caricature Vector Design.  The wrinkled slicks being a big part of the design. Super Roo was a Cartoon Ford Performance logo, similar to the Dodge Super Bee. This is a Roo driving a Top Fuel Dragster, but could became a Super Roo like logo, if the body, front wheel and front wing were removed.

The Roo has the cool mirror shades, hiding that he is a pretty tough dude, part wolf.... a hint from the teeth, but really need to see the eyes to make it real tough instead of the kind of cute it is now.

We also have the Southern Cross on the design, but aren't using an Australian Flag. As it is a vector design these elements can be changed around relatively easily to make many variations.

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