Saturday, October 7, 2023


 For some reason YouTube showed me an interview with actor comedian Adrian Edmondson a week ago

I only know of him from his hippy character in THE YOUNG ONES. A comedy I didn't watch and didn't find funny that my much younger sister found hilarious. He wrote an Autobiography and the interview was about that.

As a child he spent a decade in boarding school. What I found interesting, and struck a chord with me, was that when he finally left there, he didn't see those school "friends" for some 15+ years. One of those "friends", when finally leaving was asked by his father, "Do you want to say goodbye to your friends?", and he said "No".  They were all like that.

His school "friends" where actually "situationships".  Alliances formed to help survive a difficult time, even 10 years at a boarding school together.

I feel I knew most "friends" from school, university or the companies I have worked at were just acquaintances,  but this new word "situationships" sums them up better.

Had 2 or 3 friends over the years, real friends, but everyone else is a situationship.

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