Monday, July 10, 2023

A New Comic On Pen/Marker Concept Art & Artists


Concept art is a long held interest of mine. The pen and dry marker designs in the first draft page of the comic are my own originals. I learnt the standard techniques in the late 1980s and have often found them very useful. 

Concept design that is just pen, or with pen and marker is what I expect to focus on, so it will be mostly for older films and TV, rather than the more modern computer based movie or game concept design, that is all finished to a high (unnecessarily so?) standard. 

Starting with designers like Ron Cobb, Syd Mead and Moebius. But there are many, such as Derek Meddings and Mike Trim ( doing all those SUPERCAR, FIREBALL XL5, THUNDERBIRDS, CAPTAIN SCARLET, UFO designs in the 1960s), Harry Lange for 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Walter Jefferies for original Star Trek.

Planning to cartoon the artists too, but many Japanese mangaka and designers have gone to a lot of trouble to remain anonymous. The GHOST IN THE SHELL mangaka kept his real name secret for the longest time, but still getting a reference image of Masanori Oda is difficult.  Some that haven`t:

I have a fare collection of books on the subject, just a few shown here:

But I am very aware scanning and using artwork is a copyright violation (even if my comic is likely to be only seen by 12 people total, ever), so I am thinking along the lines of my HEAVY METAL GARAGE comic, and do my own drawings of the works, "in the style of"... 

Like my other comics, I will make a .cbr comic file for it and make it a free download. Comics are just something I want to do, at the moment at least.

So what is the narrative thread through out it that will want you to keep reading it? Just the history of those times? We will see.

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