Tuesday, March 7, 2023

How It Started. How It Ended. A Digital Car Illustration


Haven't put this as a sample on our website yet. Usually do that some months after it is finished.

But this doesn't show the whole illustration, just a piece of the starting sketch and end painting. BTW: The final doesn't actually have a SMILEY face on it.

This was done as a digital comic book painting.  Still do the lines as vector curves, but then mostly paint it with a digital airbrush. The look is more detailed than being colored in the vector drawing program.  

I like how it turned out.

At the start there is always anxiety as to how to compose the image, but that is very much related to what reference images the customer can send.  This is slightly cartooned, but unless you actually know cars, you probably wouldn't notice that.  Like the engine here is maybe some 40% larger than reality. The beer and hand has a forced perspective on it, making them larger than reality.  

There is a point about 80% done, where all the significant things are done, where I am much more relaxed about the finishing touches, and put it aside to be able to see it with fresh eyes. 

Leaving it aside for a couple of days, flipping it horizontally are both tricks I need/use that fool the brain into seeing it "for the first time", so you can see the things that are wrong and need to be fixed. 

Having the time at the end to not look and work on it is really important for me.  Being rushed without that opportunity just doesn't result in the best work.

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