Monday, March 2, 2020

Making New Free To Listen to Music Tracks...

Just looking at my Megacurve on Sound Cloud tracks and see I have 29 there.

If your not aware of Soundcloud , it is a website musicians put their music for people to listen to for free.  Bandcamp is another similar site. I am there too.

They are both kind of like YouTube for music, but unlike YouTube, I think most people going there are people that put music there, rather than music consumers.

I get one or 2 people listening to one or 2 tracks a week there. Always the same tracks, so my stuff doesn't get much traffic. I have used my music  for my sound tracks on my YouTube channel, so it is all 100% my own material, so I have no Copyright violations.

But algorithm changes on YouTube has meant I get far fewer views in recent years compared to when I started it, so there isn't any incentive to keep making videos, and similarly new music tracks for videos.

Last week I looking at the YouTube channel JohnAudioTech and he was saying how he doesn't get the views any more either, and that will probably impact how often he does them moving forward. I see he had over 1,000,000 views on one of his videos,  which is considerably more than the 58,000 of my most popular video.
I think that just means I am even less inclined to make any new videos when my last has had 24 views in 5 months.  Have heard other YouTubers talk about this issue too, as they are loosing income for it.

I will be spending the time doing something else more productive now.

We came to the conclusion years ago that Twitter and Facebook were a complete waste of time for promotion of our works.  The engagement they force doesn't help at all. Your more likely to come up against a Troll or "Fandom Gate Keeper" , (not going to name them here) that are far more destructive than helpful, and the nature of Social Media encourages those types and their followers. 

Now making music is fun and engaging so we don't need to stop doing it, but putting tracks up isn't worth the trouble the way things are at the moment.  No upside to it.

So we are diving into other Projects, written Japanese is one of them, and new approaches now, and of course, continuing with the Freelance Illustration work. 

We can be contacted at Art & Technology.

THIS IS WHERE THE SMOKE COMES OUT is a free online webcomic of our journey through drawing, music, Hi-Tech and to and from Japan. Only 40 pages at this point in time, and been told it is interesting.

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