Saturday, September 1, 2018

DREAM - Not A Pop Song

Our Dream track kind of sounds like a pop/rock song. About the most pop thing I have done.  It is however far removed from the structure of a standard pop song.  Billions of people are writing those, and so I don't need too and play around with structure a lot in all recent works

I think that it sounds like a pop song is kind of from the expectation of the instrument arrangement and sounds.  The pop vocal treatment probably helps too.

It does have some words in it, but they aren't organized as verses or anything like pop lyrics.  They are just another instrument sound.

It does have a musical chorus, but that is organized more around a heavy rock riff structure.  All of my tracks are based around Riffs. The synth equivalent is a sequenced pattern. And like Tangerine Dream, I try to have such a pattern running throughout a track. It is something I like. Does anyone notice? No idea!

The actual tracks:

The Dream VERSE/CHORUS is basically 3 parallel repeating Riffs, that are slightly changed in prominence to give the effect of a Verse Chorus structure. 

There is no Guitar solo. The 2 synth lead line melodies are the closest it gets to solos.

So the Not a pop song track.

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