Friday, April 20, 2018

SF2D&I - Science Fiction Design & Implementation

From 1995 till 2001, I built and maintained my first presence on the Internet:

SF2D&I is a gallery of original science fiction fantasy concept art, illustration, miniatures, sculptures, special effects, soundtrack music, computer graphics, movies, animation, how it was done material, and other aspects of original Desktop Production, Pre-production and design.

Original designs are inspired by the works of Ron Cobb, Syd Mead, Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Jeff Burg and countless others involved in everything from 2001, Babylon 5, Star Trek, the worlds of Gerry Anderson , George Lucas and the designers at ILM. There is also material of a wider application than just the SF genre. "

I also published a series of related articles in magazines, the UK's: Science Fiction and Fantasy Modeller, and the Australian Science Fiction Modeller, even though, at the time I was living in Shizuoka Japan.

Through those efforts, I got in contact with quite a few different people in various countries around the world that had similar interests, and it was a great distraction from the daily grind at the time.

It was also a very creative time for myself in the new field of Computer based video production.

All of these years later, as I rapidly approach 60, and most of the planet is on the Internet, and there is a YouTube video on just about anything,  I haven't found the same sense of community I got with the letters and emails as there should be with Facebook or other sites.

I could just be getting old...

The comic/ manga I'm working on Terraform, is a return to that period for me in many ways.  Nostalgic feelings,  Natsukashi, as you say in Japanese, for SF production.  Manga do offer most of what you can do with cinema, and I want to continue to explore that.

We can be contacted at: Art & Technology

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