Friday, February 17, 2017


A friend passed away from Cancer last week.

This wasn't unexpected, but a shame. A real shame.

I was talking with him on Facebook over the New Year break and he apologized for talking a while to reply sometimes. The treatment really knocked him about.

His prints are still left in various place, such as on YouTube and a Blog as if he was still around.. So in Memory Of Greg, here is one of his creations, made in his backyard shed:

I met him through a Zine he was publishing. I just happened to come across it in a specialist bookstore on a quick trip back to Australia.  The Galaxy Bookstore.  I hadn't seen a Zine before, and just bought it on a whim.   Serendipity.

I can think of what a chance occurrence that was, and that it shouldn't have happened, but got to know this guy and his world.


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