Saturday, March 19, 2016

Being Known For...

We post on a few different subjects.  Music Production, Artwork, Electronics and Software Stuff, but what actually gets on going views is always our Automotive Artwork related material.

Our website  views are more evenly distributed between Guitar/Audio topics and the Car Cartoons and Logos.

We hadn't posted anything new for a few weeks, so that when we look at our Blog Stats this morning we see the above older posts coming up consistently.

Any new post gets an immediate blip of views, then dies away in a day or two. Especially if you link to it from Twitter or Facebook. That is why so many are continually posting to keep that blip a  constant on those platforms.     It is a bit like a sugar hit. But has little on going benefit.

The Long Tail, was a thing a few years ago (look it up), but has been disproved as viable business model now.

My take away from this is that I can post about anything I feel like, (like my 15 years living and working in the Music Technology Business in Japan) but what actually is appreciated is the Car Caricatures, Logos and Cartoon stuff....

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