Saturday, October 31, 2015

How To Turn Your Car into A Billboard - The Car Wrap

These are every where now, at least where I am. I sit in traffic evaluating these things, and even once saw a company I needed to contact later to fix a stove.

The actual production of the design is just another vector file. You need the car dimensions and even better, a car template. But what is more important to me is what goes on it, and how much anyone can remember of it to be effective.

I can never remember any Phone number on these things. I'd have to take a photo with my phone camera, and that is only possible if you find it in a car park.

I can usually remember the company name and what they do, even if I do not completely remember their slogan.  May be the URL or the form of it.  Having the URL on the rear bumper helps here. But I may get enough to be able to find their website later, especially if the wrap design is reflected in their website design.

So, I don't think most of them work for me. I cannot always work out what they do, and remember enough to contact them if I did.

The lesson is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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