Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Xtreme 4x4 Custom Cartoon Toyota Sketch to Final Digital Comic Rendering

Here we have some of the stages from rough scribbled sketch to final rendered cartoon of an Xtreme Toyota 4x4.  Ian Johnson would approve.  Three A4 sheets photographed with a phone on a table.

It isn't so exaggerated and extremely caricatured.  The final image is for printing on A3 paper at 300dpi. That is an image at 4961 x 3508 pixels.

My first scribbled sketch made it look more like a monster truck, but we toned that down.  The middle image here is the way I now do the more refined sketch in non-photo blue pencil and ink directly over it in Artline and Copic markers and brush.  Just love those brush pens.

I have a light table and start the refined blue pencil sketch  on another sheet of paper over an enlarged agreed to rough sketch.  In this case my original monster truck styled thing was edited in Photoshop to form the starting rough scribble at top  here....  printing it out also enlarges it to the size we need.

Not having to erase the pencil keeps the ink lines sharper, and it saves all that time and some damage to the paper. Scanning in RGB then selecting the Blue channel drops out the blue pencil leaving just the black lines.

That is then colored in Photoshop, using a Wacom tablet.  I call this the Digital Comic Approach.

This was a commission for a gift....

But is it finished yet? Maybe not. Without out some time between doing it and being able to review it, I don't notice mistakes that need fixing. And doing it in  Photoshop makes that easier and invisible. Like is that front right tire just a little too tall?

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