Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Podcasting with Reaper

This is our current Reaper set up for recording our Podcast.

  1. A temp track to record vocals to.
  2. The final track good edited takes are moved to. Has a 70Hz HP filter on it.
  3. Effects track. A synth swoosh we are using for transitions.
  4. Music track. We we have brought in 3 of our tracks and selected just short sections.
  5. Reverb. ValhallaDSP's Vintage Verb to apply to the voice and effects.
  6. And we put Ozone 5 as a master effect to compress and limit the result, to make it loud and consistent. Not the way we work for music production.
The resulting rendered 16bit .wav was then converted with LAME to 64kps MONO. Not so great for music, but good for voice and producing a small file size.

I am doing very little editing, other than removing too long pauses and interruptions. Aren't fixing miss pronounced words, as it just makes it a much longer process to do that, and I want to keep it quick, and like a friendly chat.

And we have decided to put the Podcast archive on SoundCloud, instead of our server, and allowed them to be downloaded:

We can be contacted at Art and Technology. Which is also where the podcasts are.

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