Monday, December 29, 2014

The Heavy Metal Garage (Board) Game MockUp

We have our eBook on Amazon - The Heavy Metal Garage  and a webcomic  and we have been thinking about the Heavy Metal Garage (Drinking) Board Game.  The above being a mockup mostly done in Photoshop.

It is based on the theme of Car rebuilding/ Hot Rodding.  This combines the comic with interactive jokes on the Fortune and Event cards.  Of course the things that help you get ahead in this car "rebuild/ hot rodding" game are a skilled friend and having the great workshop tools, like the "ACME MOTIVATOR", "ACME STEEL CAPPED BOOTS OF STOMPING GOODNESS" and "ACME BOLT PERSUASION" .......and all the "ACME PARTS" you need

It is still just an experiment at the moment and focussed on the Card Jokes and Illustrations.

You would say boardgames are dead and gone, but I think the same about Vinyl Records. And they aren't. You also cannot drink with your computer!

We can be contacted at Art & Technology.

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