Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rough Starting Scribble to Final Rendered Illustrations Video

We have put up another 3 minute sketches to final video on YouTube.

The main purpose of these isn't so much to show "how to draw", but to show that the really, really rough starting sketch is a part of the design process, and not indicative of the final quality work.

They are rough because we cannot afford to spend a lot of time refining the initial starting concept, as it may not be the one used.  To put that another way, if the initial sketches were refined, the customer would have to pay for several finished illustrations, rather than the one they want.

The instrumental music in this is also unlike most of our stuff, in that it doesn't have any guitar in it. It is all Arturia Arp2600 VST and drums, all put together in Reaper using a Roland Midi Keyboard Controller.

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