Friday, October 4, 2019

By all Measure, Blogging is Dead

The Internet has dramatically changed since 1995.

USENET groups were an important thing, and how you caught up on what was happening. Long gone. Twitter is closest current thing, but nothing like it. Real information was massed in USENET news.

Twitter is just brief bursts of fleeting randomness.  The character limitation of a message makes it shallow by definition.  Just ok for "bad thing happening now!"

Facebook is even worse, as you have to sign up to be peoples friends (that can be rejected), and then only 10% of those friends get what they post.   Imagine a mail service that lost 90% of the mail? THAT is Facebook!

Blogs are another thing that is now dead from my own Analytics. ROI of a blog is negative as far as I can tell.  Have an earlier post on why I think that is so.  Some of it is because of Facebook and Twitter and other time wasting addictive social media sites.

But it seems that Google Search changes, making it smarter so that it can understand you want to know what restaurant is close to you at the moment, also dramatically changed the use of Search and what results it produces.

That is probably very significant and may take years to see how that impacted the world.

The same way free News from Google or Facebook, and their massive share of the advertising budgets now,  has gutted News Services from the ability to keep real Journalism alive.